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The Importance of Spiritual Health to Physical Healing

It is true that our physical sickness is related directly with our spiritual and emotional health. If we have many fears, negative thoughts, anger, resentment, or abnormal amounts of stress, it can lead to negative effects of both our spiritual and physical health. If you ask ministers and some alternative health experts what they think about physical health, they will tell you that diseases that people encounter is a result of poor spiritual health and well being. The belief that your physical well being is linked to your spiritual or emotion health is already gaining following.

If there is a strong connection between physical health and spiritual health, then we only need to strengthen our spiritual lives so that our bodies can be healed. If you are feeling great spiritually and emotionally, you will also feel good physically. Depending on your attitude while having your illness, it will affect the progress and the duration of your sickness. During your ill days, the best thing you can do is to keep on trusting God for healing and guidance through these times of uncertainty.

You alone can judge your spiritual health. There is a need for careful and honest self examination of your heart and mind to see if there is any negative emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, unforgiveness, negativity, and other emotions that does not only harm your spirit but harms your body as well. You will find that you have a predominant emotion that rules your life. If there are a lot of toxic emotions in your mind, then all of these will soon affect your body and it will become sick. Ridding yourself of emotions that do not promote love, joy, peace, and faith in God will help promote physical health. These are good and positive emotions that only come from the Spirit of God Himself. Filling your heart with these fruits of the Spirit will greatly help you filter out the negative emotions that keep you physically unhealthy but it also opens the door to God’s healing light.

If you maintain good spiritual healthy, you will be better equipped to face the problems around you. Keeping a great faith in God even when there is really no problem that you are facing will help you during the times when you are facing negative circumstances and your health is challenged.

The best methods for maintaining and staying spiritually healthy are meditation, prayer, deep breathing, reading the Bible and other good readings, and spending time in nature. If you do these activities constantly you will then become more spiritually or emotionally healthy. These practices have to be done regularly or daily, so that you can take away the negative emotions in your life. If you read the Bible then you can take your mind off your problems and put them on the love and faithfulness of God instead.

God can allow your physical illnesses to be prolonged despite your spiritual health. But, it allows you more strength to bear the infirmity.

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